EyeTV 3

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I've been a dedicated user of EyeTV for almost two years, to the point that I no longer watch TV on the big screen in the living room. Instead, I watch almost exclusively on my iBook. Back in May 2006, I wrote a post about EyeTV 2.2 and its shortcomings. Today, Elgato have released EyeTV 3.

EyeTV 2.2, EyeTV for DTT (USB)

The EyeTV for DTT is a tiny little box with an aerial socket and a USB socket that happily sits in the gap between the wall and my bed, with a long USB cable leading into the iBook wherever it is in the room. After buying it on eBay, I had to fork out another chunk of money for an upgrade from EyeTV 1.8 to 2.0, since all the fun stuff is in the 2.0 rewrite. Unfortunately, this turned out more expensive than it would have been to buy a new EyeTV for DTT with EyeTV 2.0 bundled.