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'nlsg members:'

Professor KGMM Alberti: President, Royal College of Physicians of London
(with pic and logo)

Terry Hunt: Chief Executive, NHS Supplies
(with pic and logo)

Dr Sandy Macara: Chairman, British Medical Association Council
(with logo supplied)

Clive Parr: Chief Executive, National Association of Fundholding Practices (with logo supplied)

Roy Taylor: President, Association of Directors of Social Services
(pic and logo supplied)

Rodney Bickerstaffe: General Secretary of UNISON
(with pic and logo - supplied)

Seymour Fortescue: Chief executive of Health Education Authority

Councillor Bernard Atha OBE: Chairman, Cultural Services Committee, Leeds City Council

Toby Harris: Director, Association of Community Health Councils in England and Wales(with logo and pic supplied)

Jean Trainor: Deputy Chief Executive of The NHS Confederation (with pic and logo supplied)

Elizabeth Jenkins: Assistant General Secretary, Royal College of Nursing (with pic and logo - supplied)

Sir William Wells: South Thames Regional Chairman, NHS Executive

Dr Andrew Willis: Chairman, National Association of Commissioning GPs

Denise Platt CBE: Head of Social Services, Local Government Association

Hon Lindy Price CBE: Chairman, Gwent Health Authority

Claire Rayner: Chair, Patient's Association

Alan Reid: Director of Corporate Communications, Aberdeen Royal Hospitals NHS Trust

Paul Simpson: Chief Executive, DHSS Northern Ireland

John Hunter: Chief Executive, Department of Health & Social Services, Northern Ireland

J M Hunt: Chief Executive & Secretary, British Dental Association

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath: Former Chief Executive, The NHS Confederation

Dr A J Taylor OBE: Chairman, Grampian Healthcare NHS Trust

Roger Titley: Secretary, NHS Retirement Fellowship

Dr Michael Brindle: President, Royal College of Radiology

Dame Fiona Caldicott: Past-President, Royal College of Psychiatrists; Principal, Somerville College, Oxford

Tony Close CBE: Chairman, Health Education Authority

Mike Conway: National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends

Bill Darling CBE: International Hospitals Federation

Philip Davies: NHS Confederation in Wales

Professor Brian Edwards: University of Sheffield Centre of Health & Related Research

Dame Rennie Fritchie

Cathy Gritzner: General Manager, Patients Association

Robert Hanna CBE.JP: Chairman, Northern Health & Social Services Board, Northern Ireland

Dr Robert Kendell: President, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Alasdair Liddell CBE: Director of Planning, NHS Executive Headquarters

Paul Marks: Deputy Head of Health, Unison

Helen McCallum: Head of Communications, NHS Executive

Dr Lotte Newman OBE.PRCGP: President, Royal College of General Practitioners

Angela Lyons: The NHS Confederation


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