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"I consider it to be an honour to be invited to the commemorative marking the fiftieth anniversary of the NHS. I wish to pay a wholehearted tribute to the many dedicated colleagues with whom I have been associated during the past 50 years. In spite of the many changes and reorganisations during this time, I remain a firm believer in the underlying principle of our National Health Service".
Bill Eades is responsible for IT at Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals Trust. He will have completed 50 years service with the NHS in September 1998.

"I feel privileged to have been part of the NHS since its inception, continuing the family tradition of service to the Shrewsbury Hospital, which totals over 200 years.

I am particularly proud of the contribution to health care that the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital has made to the people of Shropshire and Mid-Wales. I shall watch with interest, future developments that occur and hope that when I retire I can continue to contribute to patient care on a voluntary basis"
Liz has worked in the NHS for 50 years
Mrs Liz Austin, Inpatient Services Manager at Royal Shrewsbury Hospitals NHS Trust.

"Congratulations on the Golden Anniversary of the NHS From 1948 to 1998. It is with great pleasure that I congratulate the NHS and all who have worked within it, in this their 50th birthday year. They have served the people well by giving care and support in body, mind and spirit. I hope personnel will enjoy their next 50 years as much as I have enjoyed the past half century. I think one their greatest achievements has been to personalise the service, so that patients and their relatives are treated as individuals and are included in all aspects of decision making relating to diagnosis, prognosis and treatment".
Miss Erica Cutts, retired nurse, Barnsley District General Hospital NHS Trust

"I joined the NHS on the very first day, on 5 July 1948, as the Hospitals' Management Committee's committee clerk - after starting in community health in 1946. The last 52 years of being involved in local health in South Devon has been full of enjoyment and satisfaction for me.

"I'm still very much involved with Torbay Hospital through its League of Friends and I try to keep the local community up-to-date with what's happening in the hospital. I hope the NHS flourishes as well in the next 50 years as it has in the past 50".
Mr Fred Payne, worked in the NHS on the first day

"Congratulations to the NHS on reaching the ripe old age of 50 and continuing to provide outstanding service for millions of people".
Tony Baker, first NHS baby to be born in Blackburn on 5 July 1948

"In 1948, I was the first person in Preston to receive a hearing aid on the NHS. It opened up a whole new world for me and transformed my life. In 1963, I underwent an operation which restored my hearing. Many thanks and congratulations to a wonderful Service reaching 50".
Mrs Enid Dalton

"In December 1948, my husband and I decided the use all our savings to book me into Woodfield Nursing Home for the birth of our second baby. Imagine our joy when we found that the home had been taken over by the NHS and we didn't have to pay anything. Thank you NHS for doing so much for my family and for countless others".
Mrs Edith Glossop

"I think the idea of NHS Direct is excellent. So often one only needs expert advice and the current system does not provide it effectively. Excellent idea!!"
K D Hunt.

"Just logged in from San Francisco, Ca and wanted to say what a great site you guys created in England. Well done and happy birthday to you all in the UK!"
Martha Barbary.


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