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'The Children`s Charter'

Under the extension to the Patient's Charter, 'Services for children and young people', issued in 1996, you can expect:

  • your child to be cared for in a children's ward under the supervision of a consultant paediatrician
  • your child to have a qualified, named children's nurse responsible for his or her nursing care
  • to be able to stay in the hospital with your child
  • if your child is having an operation and where circumstances permit, you can expect to accompany them into the anaesthetic room and be present until they go to sleep
  • to be told what pain relief will be given to your child
  • the NHS to respect your child's privacy, dignity and religious or cultural beliefs
  • your child to be offered a choice of children's menus
  • to have facilities to breastfeed your child
  • your child to wear his or her own clothes, and have personal possessions
  • the hospital to be clean, safe and suitably furnished for children and young people
  • you can expect all the staff you meet to wear name badges, so that you know who everyone is, and for security
  • your child to have the opportunity for play and meet other children
  • your child has the right to receive suitable education

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