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'Carer`s Assessment'

The Carers (Recognition and Services) Act 1995 provides carers with a number of rights and entitlements, and requires local authorities to assess individual carers' needs.

A 'Carer's Assessment' is a meeting between you and a care manager/social worker when you have the chance to say what you want about your situation and that of the person you care for. It can be at a time and place of your choosing and, if you want someone else other than the care manager/social worker who is seeing the person you care for, say so - it is your right. It is also your right to have a friend to help and support you.

A carer may have an assessment:

  • at any time that a care manager/social worker is in contact with the person you care for;
  • if you are about to become a carer;
  • if something changes in your situation or that of the person you care for.

The legislation states that you must be providing, or intending to provide, a substantial amount of care on a regular basis. You should contact your local authority if you wish to discuss having a carer's assessment further.

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