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Following the success of a remote fetal scanning trial between hospitals on the Isle of Wight and London, remote echocardiology diagnosis has been tested.

Using a videoconference link between Southampton General Hospital and a cardiology conference in Ashford, images were projected via a computer to the audience. With the help of a conference pa system to add audio, the audience were able to put questions to the doctor in Southampton.

The doctor had performed an echocardiographic scan of his patient together with a chest x-ray before coming on-line to the conference. He then proceded to converse with the audience, fielding questions and setting the scene with relevant patient information before re-scanning the patient. He transmitted colour dopler images and ECGs as requested and then sent the x-ray across the link, which was displayed on a monitor.

Audience response was very positive and they were impressed with the quality of the transmitted information.

As the conference lights were turned down during the videoconference link the image shown is very dark but it does help to show the x-ray image on the monitor alongside the projected image of the doctor in Southampton.

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