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'Registering With A GP'

In order to receive care from a GP when you want it (rather than in an emergency) you must register and have your name on the GP's list. Take your medical card which shows your NHS number along to the practice you have chosen and tell the receptionist you wish to register. If you have lost your card contact your Health Authority/Board for a new one. Some practices have pre-registration interviews, to give you a chance to meet the doctor before deciding whether to register. The GP is not obliged to take you as a patient, although he or she is unlikely to refuse unless the list is full. When you have registered the Health Authority/Board will send you a new medical card, and your medical records will be sent on to your new GP. Children under 16 need to be registered by their parents. Just as you can be registered with a different GP to your spouse, so you can register your children with a different GP to your own. However it may be easier for a doctor to understand and treat a problem if he or she knows the whole family.

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