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'If You Think You Have Been Exposed To HIV'

If you have been exposed to HIV (the virus which causes AIDS) through unprotected sexual intercourse or through sharing injecting equipment, you can visit a GUM clinic for an HIV antibody test. This is not a test for AIDS. It will only tell you whether or not you have been infected by the virus. It cannot predict whether you will go on to develop AIDS. It can take up to three months or longer for antibodies to develop after you have been infected with HIV. If you think you may have been at risk of infection, you should consider having a test for HIV. The test is confidential, and only you will be told the result.

If you would like advice on HIV or the test you can telephone the National AIDS Helpline Tel:0800 567 123 -24 hours- and speak to a trained advisor in confidence. Calls are free of charge.

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