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'Europe: What Treatment Does Form E111 Cover?; Obtaining Form E1

If you are travelling to another European Economic Area (EEA) country on holiday:

E111 is for emergency treatment under the state's health care system only. The EEA consists of the member states of the European Community plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

It will not cover you for free or reduced cost medical treatment if you are going to another EEA country specifically for medical or maternity care. If this is the case you should still complete the form for E111, but attach a letter explaining why you need to make this visit specially for treatment. Then ask your NHS consultant for a letter recommending that you seek treatment in another EEA country and giving details of the treatment. He or she should also give evidence either that the treatment is available under the NHS but cannot be provided within the time normally necessary, or that your case is exceptional - and why. Ask your consultant to send this form to the finance division of your home District Health Authority. They need to consider whether they will agree to meet the costs of the treatment abroad. If they do they should send a letter with the consultant's original letter to Department of Health International Relations Unit, Room 518, Richmond House, 79 Whitehall, London SW1A 2NS. You will only be issued with the appropriate certificate (E112) if your UK consultant recommends the treatment, your home DHA agrees to meet the cost, if it is available under the other country's health insurance scheme, and you are entitled to a form E111. Without it you will have to meet the costs of any treatment you receive.

If you are working in EEA for up to 12 months for a UK employer or as a self employed person, whilst remaining ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom:

You and any family members accompanying you have the right to treatment for any medical condition. However, if your period of employment ends before the E111 expires, your health care rights will revert to emergency treatment only.

If you are working in another EEA country for a foreign employer, or will be working there for over 12 months, or you decide to live there permanently Form E111 is not appropriate - see the Department of Health booklet 'Health advice for travellers' (T6) section on ' Who Is Eligible for Form E111?'

'Taking Out Extra Health Insurance Cover'

Whatever your entitlement under E111, always use the checklists in the booklet 'Health Advice For Travellers (T6)' to find out the level of cover provided in the countries you will be visiting, then contact your travel agent, insurance broker or bank to take out any extra insurance you may need. For instance, the cost of bringing a person back to the United Kingdom in the event of illness or death is never covered by reciprocal agreements. You may also not be covered for medical or hospital expenses if you are driving outside the United Kingdom and have an accident.

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