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'Non-European Union Countries'

The UK has reciprocal health agreements with a number of countries outside the European Economic Area. These cover the provision of emergency medical treatment at reduced cost, or in some cases free of charge. You will normally need to produce your UK passport, and in some countries your NHS medical card as well. Remember that the range of medical care outside the European Union may be less than that provided by the British NHS, and the costs of treatment may not be fully covered by reciprocal agreements. Also remember that the vast majority of countries in the world do not have any sort of reciprocal arrangement with the UK - including USA, Canada, Switzerland, all of the Middle East and Africa, all of South America, and most of Asia and the Pacific region. Make sure you have adequate personal health insurance before you go abroad. Policies should cover the cost of flying the sick person home, as well as the costs of local treatment.

Full details of reciprocal arrangements are set out in the booklet 'Health Advice For Travellers (T6)' which can be obtained from doctors and dentists surgeries, post offices, travel agents etc, or by phoning Tel: 0800 555 777 any time, free of charge.

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