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'Finding A Self Help Group'

With so many self help groups around, it is likely that somewhere there will be one that is appropriate for you. There are several ways to find out which self help groups are available nationally and in your local area.

  • The NHS Health Information Service Tel:0800 665544 will be able to put you in touch with national and local self help groups.

  • Self help groups are often supported by voluntary sector development agencies known as Councils for Voluntary Service (CVS) and some local CVS's will produce their own listings or directories of self help groups. Your local library should be able to give you the address.

  • Other local directories may be produced by local libraries, Health Promotion departments or Community Health Councils (Health & Social Services Council in Northern Ireland or Local Health Council in Scotland).

  • Directories of national organisations should be available in public reference libraries.

New self help groups develop all the time, and others may close if they have fulfilled their need or have few members, so it is always worth checking that you have the most up to date information available. A local CVS or the Health Information Service is the best place to start.

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