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'Help Available To Carers From Social Services'

Social Services Departments (Health & Social Services Boards in Northern Ireland or Social Work Departments in Scotland) can be the gateway to many services for sick, disabled or older people. You will be helped as a carer if the person you care for is properly supported.
The help available includes:

  • meals on wheels

  • equipment and appliances

  • home care

  • residential care

  • day places

The Home Care Service can provide a wide range of services which allow people to live in their own homes for as long as possible. The service is not free, and charges are based on individual circumstances.

Community Occupational Therapists can visit the home and advise on equipment, grants, and therapy.

Social Services can also arrange for an assessment of the needs of yourself as a carer and the person you are caring for under the Carer's (Recognition & Services) Act 1995.

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