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'Decade Quiz'

In what year did Agatha Christie's 'The Mousetrap' open in London

Breakfast TV went on air in what year?

In what year did Yuri Gagarin become the first man in space?

When did the Queen make her first Christmas broadcast on TV?

In which year did surgeon Christian Barnard carry out the first human heart transplant?

In what year was telephone banking introduced?

In what year did Red Rum break the record by winning the Grand National for the third time?

When was Michael Jackson born?

In what year did the first woman to climb Everest reach the top?

In what year did the film 'ET' become a box office hit in the UK?

When did TV licences cost 3?

When did sixpenny pieces cease to be legal tender?

In what year did Mao Tse-tung die?

In what year did the 'Herald of Free Enterprise' capsize off Zeebrugge killing two hundred?

Polytechnics became universities in which year?

In what year did the British public become addicted to TV's 'Dallas'?

In what year was Prince Charles born?

The mini car still exists today. In which year was it first launched?

Eva Peron, the controversial first lady of Argentina, died in which year?

1659 was the year of the driest summer until when?


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