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'This week in 1948'

Updated weekly, this page brings you stories which made it into the national press in this week in 1948.

'June 18'

Three hundred drivers and conducters at the Eastern Counties bus depot in Peterborough, Northamptonshire stage a 'lightning strike' because a conducter is suspended after a complaint form a passenger that she had given the passenger 1s. 41/2d. worth of coppers in change. The strikers maintain that coppers are legal tender up to 1s. 151/2d.

'June 19'

In a nation-wide survey on marriage by the British Federation of Psychologists it is reported that most men aged between 18 and 50 would not mind marriage to a woman if she were one or some of the following: a poor cook, physically unattractive, unpopular with her family, or of lower intelligence than he was.

On the other hand most of the women in the survey did not wish to marry men who were one or some of the following: drunkards, of lower intelligence or moral standards, emotionally unstable, dishonest, from a family with a history of feeblemindedness, economically unstable, incompatible, not fond of children, and whom they didn't love but loved them.

Many women reportedly said that they would not mind marrying a man even if he was a heavy smoker, suffering form ill health, physically unattractive or guilty of previous sexual relationships (so long as he had repented). A spokesman for the Federation concluded to the Daily Mirror, "Chastity does not seem to be regarded as an important issue any longer."

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