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'News stories in 1948'

This section gives you an archive of the stories which made it into the national press during 1948.

'May 18'

There are record numbers of holiday makers across Britain on the warmest Whitsun weekend since 1900. The press report cyclists "in undress clothes" speeding out of London "in record numbers - nearly 600 an hour on the Great West Road". It is also reported that "when women's bathing costume stocks ran out at Weston-Super-Mare Marine Lake, the Corporation issued red brassieres and trunks made from the sails of rubber dinghies bought for the children's boating pool."

Meanwhile at the annual conference of the National Union of Hosiery workers at Llandudno, participants are told that large stocks of "fully fashioned pure silk stockings were being piled up because of the economic situation...There are mountains of stocks for which there is very little demand".

'May 19'

Eight Czech exiles, five of them former Czech air force pilots, landed at Manston in Kent in a "borrowed" Czech aircraft - an old German training plane. The eight escaped Czechoslovakia in order to be with their wives and children who had previously been allowed to leave the country shortly after the Communist take-over.

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