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'Councillor Bernard Atha OBE'

Chairman, Cultural Services Committee, Leeds City Council
Leeds City Council wishes to record its delight and satisfaction on the NHS reaching its 50th birthday. The National Health Service is without doubt the jewel in the crown of the Welfare State and the prototype for other health services across the world.

We must never forget the immense struggle that was necessary to give it life and the opposition and prejudice it encountered at its conception and birth.

Nor should we forget the fear it removed from millions of families who dreaded an illness striking a family member not covered by the "Lord George", and the relief from suffering it has achieved over five decades.

The NHS and Local Government have since 1948 worked together in the fight to improve the nation's good health.

We must strive to maintain this partnership and to retain and develop the principles on which the National Health service was founded.

Congratulations to the National Health Service and thanks to all those dedicated individuals who have contributed to its success. Long may it prosper.

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