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'Dr Sandy Macara'

Chairman, British Medical Association Council
The BMA is proud of the contribution which its members have made to the NHS and takes great pleasure in celebrating its 50th birthday. The NHS is a unique institution tailored to a national need and a national creed. It has inspired the allegiance and devotion of all who work in it and benefit from it. The people of Britain are well served by the custodians of their health care and get remarkably good value for their money despite the imperfections in the current system.

"Today, we must look forward. In the NHS of the future, pragmatism must replace ideology, relative clinical need must prevail over capricious demand, and outcomes over output. Cost effectiveness must supersede cost efficiency. Quality must be the watchword.

The NHS must forge other links with all the other statutory and voluntary agencies working for health to make the best use of human and financialresources.

The medical profession is committed to continuing to play its leading role in the prevention of disease, the promotion of health and the provision of health care of high quality. The BMA wishes the NHS further success in the future and pledges its continued support."

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