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'National Liaison Steering Group'

NHS 50 Anniversary initiatives are supported and co-ordinated by a National Liaison Steering Group. The group is chaired by Professor Michael Schofield and members are drawn from professional bodies including Royal Colleges, the British Medical Association and Unison, the International Hospitals Federation, the Health Education Authority, the NHS Executive, the NHS Confederation, British Dental Association, Royal College of Nursing, patients' interest groups, general practioners, NHS Supplies, NHS Retirement Fellowship, National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends, clinicians and managers from the service and representatives from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

National Steering Group Chairman,
Professor Michael Schofield, Chairman, Dorset Community NHS Trust.

Aberdeen Royal Hospitals NHS Trust,
Alan Reid: Director of Corporate Communications

Association of Community Health Councils in England and Wales,
Toby Harris: Director

Association of Directors of Social Services,
Roy Taylor: President

British Dental Association,
J M Hunt: Chief Executive & Secretary

British Medical Association Council,
Dr Sandy Macara: Chairman

Cultural Services Committee, Leeds City Council,
Councillor Bernard Atha OBE: Chairman

DHSS Northern Ireland,
Paul Simpson: Chief Executive

Grampian Healthcare NHS Trust,
Dr A J Taylor OBE: Chairman,

Gwent Health Authority,
Hon Lindy Price CBE: Chairman

Head of Social Services,
Local Government Association Denise Platt CBE

Health Education Authority,
Seymour Fortescue: Chief executive; Tony Close CBE: Chairman

International Hospitals Federation,
Bill Darling CBE

National Association of Commissioning GPs,
Dr Andrew Willis: Chairman

National Association of Fundholding Practices,
Clive Parr: Chief Executive

National Association of Leagues of Hospital Friends,
Mike Conway

The NHS Confederation,
Angela Lyons; Jean Trainor: Deputy Chief Executive

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath

The National Pharmaceutical Association
Head of Practice Division: Colette McCreedy
Director: John D'Arcy

NHS Confederation in Wales,
Philip Davies

NHS Executive Headquarters,
Alasdair Liddell CBE: Director of Planning; Helen McCallum: Head of Communications; Sir William Wells: South Thames Regional Chairman

NHS Retirement Fellowship,
Roger Titley: Secretary

NHS Supplies,
Terry Hunt: Chief Executive

Northern Health & Social Services Board, Northern Ireland,
Robert Hanna CBE.JP: Chairman

Patients Association,
Cathy Gritzner: General Manager; Claire Rayner: Chair

Pennell Initiative
Dame Rennie Fritchie DBE: Chair

Royal College of General Practitioners,
Dr Lotte Newman OBE.PRCGP: President

Royal College of Midwives, Karlene Davis, General Secretary

Royal College of Nursing,
Elizabeth Jenkins: Assistant General Secretary

Royal College of Physicians of London,
Professor KGMM Alberti: President

Royal College of Psychiatrists,
Dr Robert Kendell: President; Principal, Somerville College, Oxford, Dame Fiona Caldicott: Past-President

Royal College of Radiology,
Dr Michael Brindle: President

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
Mr John Ferguson OBE: Secretary and Registrar

Paul Marks: Deputy Head of Health; Rodney Bickerstaffe: General Secretary

University of Sheffield Centre of Health & Related Research,
Professor Brian Edwards

Royal Marsden NHS Trust,
Phyllis Cunningham, Chief Executive

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