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The 50th anniversary of the NHS is a fitting and appropriate time for all of us to reflect on the history of our own organisations and the achievements we have made.

"There are many contrasts between current supply arrangements in the NHS and those of 50 years ago. One contrast that has really struck me is the 'disposable' era in which we now all live and work. Fifty years ago, for example, scalpels were actually re-sharpened rather disposed of. Now we use many products only once and then throw them away. This has major implications for packaging, storage, delivery and the effect on the environment. NHS Supplies is working to reduce the burden of all of these implications to the NHS.

Keeping abreast of new technologies and the latest products and services, bringing excellence, knowledge and expertise into the health care supplies arena, NHS Supplies will continue to fuel the health service into the millennium and beyond. Our vision for the future will take the NHS forward through the next 50 years through the establishment of a supply strategy that will provide clarity and direction in managing the complex NHS supply network."

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