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'Dame Rennie Fritchie DBE'

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The Pennell Initiative for Women's Health congratulates the NHS on this, its 50th Anniversary year. We especially wish to recognise the contribution of all current and past members of staff.

The Pennell Initiative was established in January 1997 to draw attention to the opportunities for improving women's health in middle and later years. The age span we address if from mid-life to old age - 45-105+.

Under the guidance of a National Steering Group chaired by Dame Rennie Fritchie, we produced the Pennell Report on women's health which is being launched on 5 March 1998. It is a comprehensive holistic document based on sound research that recognises the importance of joint action between policy makers across a wide range of sectors, healthcare professionals and women themselves. Some major recommendations and actionpoints for all three groups are highlighted in the report.

The Pennell Initiative is co-ordinated by the Health Services Management Unit at Manchester University and initial funding for the Pennell Report has been provided by Wyeth, the pharmaceutical and nutrition company. The Nuffield Institute for Health at the University of Leeds undertook the research.

Work is now underway to establish a National Foundation for Women's Health.

For further information please contact:

Dame Rennie Fritchie DBE, Chair
Pennell Initiative
Health Services Management Unit
Precinct Centre, Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PL
E-mail: hsmu@man.ac.uk

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