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'News stories in 1948'

This section gives you an archive of the stories which made it into the national press during 1948.

'July 5'

The National Health Service comes into being. The first patient to be admitted under the new system is 13-year-old Sylvia Beckingham, who is admitted to Park Hospital in Daveyhulme, Manchester with an acute liver condition.

The war officially ends for 3,567 evacuated children . Mothers or parents with children still in 'billets' or accommodation in the country are required to make their own arrangements for their children's care. Where children were 'happily billeted' foster parents would be encouraged to continue looking after them. The Ministry of Health and the Home Office stated that there were 2,500 children

'July 8'

Mrs Margaret Birtwistle is chosen to represent Britain in discus throwing and shot putting at the forthcoming Olympic Games. She claims in the Daily Mirror that "the ordinary life of a British house wife keeps one fitter than anything!" However the paper also reports that she trains for two hours after finishing the shopping and housework.

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