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'News stories in 1948'

This section gives you an archive of the stories which made it into the national press during 1948.

'July 12'

The first jet aircraft to cross the Atlantic - six RAF de Havilland Vampires - fly from Britain to Labrador, Canada.

The last batch of 546 German prisoners of war finally leave Britain. In addition to their main work, usually as farm workers, some 300 of these prisoners had also attended special courses and lectures at the universities of Sheffield, Aberdeen and Cambridge, aimed at helping them prepare for the resumption of their studies or civilian jobs on their return to Germany.

The government orders all prisoners' pets without alternative homes should be put to sleep - a total of 56 dogs and cats were put down after the prisoners departure.

'July 15'

The famous royal water lily "Victoria Regia" at Kew Gardens is in flower throughout the week and as its flowers are so spectacular and short-lived he public is encouraged to go and see this phenomenon at the weekend. The plant has leaves approximately 6 feet in diameter and flowers that measure over a foot in diameter with a fragrance of pineapple.

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