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'News stories in 1948'

This section gives you an archive of the stories which made it into the national press during 1948.

'March 8'

In New York, Glenn T Seaborg, co-discoverer of the element plutonium, announces that American atomic scientists have created a new family of 14 radioactive isotopes, including a new fissile element, uranium 233, which has potential for use in the production of atomic energy and the atomic bomb.

Meanwhile, Orson Welles' film 'The Lady from Shanghai' opens in London. The film stars Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles and, in a review in the national press, is described as having main characters that are 'most unpleasant'.

'March 12'

Aneurin Bevan, Minister of Health, forecasts in a speech some of the potential problems with the new NHS. He says: 'For a while it may appear that everything is going wrong. As a matter of fact, everything will be going right, because people will be able to complain. They complain now but no one hears about it. What will happen after July 5th is that a public megaphone will be put in the mouth of every complainant so that he can be heard all over the country.' He adds, 'We shall find from time to time that alterations and adjustment will have to be made...but we are just the people to make them, because we are not ridden with doctrine but are visionary empiricists - a people able to adjust ourselves.'

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