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'Arts Events'

Staff music and drama
How many NHS staff in your area play a musical instrument, or are involved with amateur dramatics? You could bring them together and create a musical or theatrical production.

Fashion show
Stage a fashion show with the support of retailers, hairstylists and fashion students - you could look at how NHS uniforms have changed over the years. This could give fashion and hairdressing students from the local art college a chance to show off their most imaginative ideas - creating an alternative show with an alternative healthy theme.

Ask schoolchildren, youth groups and arts societies to decorate the walls of your building with colourful murals of health scenes.

Interactive theatre
Stage 'live' exhibitions with the help of your community theatre or mime group, acting out stories linked to the history of your organisation, the 50th anniversary or even health promotion messages. You could hold it in the hospital foyer - or even the local shopping centre and get passers-by involved.

If you need more advice on how to go about getting involved, then e-mail us or call NHS50 in the NHS Communications Unit on 0113 254 6035.

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