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'With the Media '

News stories
Local newspapers, radio and TV stations are the best way to publicise your anniversary activities. Contact them early on so you can discuss how you can both get the most out of it - and make sure your story is newsworthy. Or maybe itís a photo opportunity?

Some of your local media may be interested in running a series of interviews or features in the weeks leading up to NHS Day. Or how about a plea in the letters page for people who were working in the NHS in 1948 or were one of the first patients? One important point to remember is that radio stations rely on sound and TV needs strong visual material - so why not plan your events around them?

Hospital radio
How about running a series of news slots about the anniversary, or features on the history of the hospital and the local NHS, or even interview former staff and people who have worked in the service for many years. You could ask residents what they think of their local health service or invite patients to write poems or short stories with a health theme and run competitions.

If you need more advice on how to go about getting involved, then email us, or call NHS50 in the NHS Communications Unit on 0113 254 6035.

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