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'Lasting Impressions'

History book
Does your organisation have an interesting past which could be documented? The 50th anniversary lends itself to the publication of history books or diaries of events for future generations. You could also record your events this year for a publication at the end of 1998.

Facts and figures
Everybody likes 'I bet you didn't know' facts and figures. So why not get some bizarre ones together? You could find out how many times you could cover a football pitch with all the plasters used in the past 50 years - or, if you stretched all your hospital bed sheets from end to end, how many times would they wrap around the world? Compile a list and use them in different ways, such as for press packs, on posters, calendars, patient information leaflets, newsletters, etc.

Anniversary newspaper
Publish your own newspaper or newsletter to give away to visitors. This could combine up-to-date news about your organisation with lifestyle messages, facts and figures and some historical information. by using photographs and quotes from staff and patients, you could make it a bright, long-lasting publication.

Why not turn your organisationís history into a video? Your regional TV station should be able to help you with footage of key events in your past from its archives. Combine it with general health information, interviews with past and present staff and youíve got a video worth watching. Local video and photography students could use the opportunity as a course project and businesses might be interested in advertising - particularly if you play it to patients in clinic waiting rooms.

If you need more advice on how to go about getting involved, then e-mail us or call NHS50 in the NHS Communications Unit on 0113 2546035.

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