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'Further Details'

The conference will be a celebration of the last 50 years, featuring a journey back through the decades to look at the many milestones and achievements of the NHS. The conference sessions, however, will focus on the future.

The NHS, like all other health systems, is getting ready for the new millennium and facing the need to modernise. The Prime Minister has set the NHS the challenge to be ready to meet the demands of new technology, changing populations and a growing awareness by both public and staff.

Some of the sessions at the conference include:

Dr Don Berwick: Health quality specialist from the Institute of Healthcare Development in America

Rabbi Julia Newberger: New Director of the Kings Fund Institute, UK

Professor Uwe Reinhard: The world’s leading health economist from Princeton University

Professor Anthony Clare: TV and radio’s psychiatrist

Peter Homa: Incoming President of IHSM and chief executive of Leicester Royal Infirmary

Professor Donald Light: Professor and leader of the modernisation agenda project

There will also be lively debates at crossfire question-time sessions, which will use theatre juries and multi-media technology to enhance the sessions in the specially built conference centre at Earls Court.

'Satellite events'
Featuring top level international and UK speakers, eight mini conferences will examine issues paramount to the future progress of health and health services:

Involving the patients and the public
Science and technology - where is it taking us?
Partnerships for Health
A workforce for the future
Funding for the future
Tackling health inequalities
Structuring the future - how will health care be delivered?
UK devolution - the change ahead

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