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1990 data. Information is reproduced from the Guide to Health Services of the World, published by the International Hospital Federation, ISBN 0 900590 26 2. Price 16.00.

National Population
32 m

Birth Rate (per 1000 Population)
21 (1991)

Life Expectancy at Birth (Years)

Death Rate (per 1000 population)
9 (1991)

Infant Mortality (per 1000 live births)

Health expenditures
Total expenditure on health services in US$ - 4,441 m
Amount spent per capita - 138

Sources of Health Expenditure
No figures available

Description of Health Service

Structure and organisation

Health services are provided through both the public and private sectors. Various aid agencies also provide public health service programmes. Responsibility for government-funded health care is shared between the Federal and State administrations.


Funding sources for health services are mixed. Some direct government funding is applied. Social Security, Employee Insurance schemes and direct out-of-pocket payments are also revenue sources for the health sector.

Access of services covered

Theoretically, universal access is possible; however, limited resources and geographic disenfranchisement mean that there are large service gaps.


There is no national accreditation scheme, although lengthy planning is going on with a view to its eventual implementation. Some hospitals follow individual quality- assurance activities.

Hospital Statistics
No statistics available.


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