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1990 data. Information is reproduced from the Guide to Health Services of the World, published by the International Hospital Federation, ISBN 0 900590 26 2. Price 16.00.

National Population

Birth Rate (per 1000 Population)

Life expectancy at Birth (Years)
73.1 (Male)
78.5 (Female)

Death Rate (per 1000 population)

Infant Mortality (per 1000 live births)

Health Expenditures
Total expenditure on health services in national currency - 60,773
Amount spent per capita - 1,059

Sources of Health Expenditures
Government (all levels) - 94.5%
Personal (out-of-pocket payments) - 5.5%

Description of the Health Service

Structure and Organisation


NHS services are free at the point of use in most cases. The NHS budget is funded by the government through allocations from general tax revenue. Patient charges account for a small proportion of the expenditure.

Access and Types of Service Covered

All United Kingdom residents are entitled to comprehensive health services generally free at the point of use. Every person has to be registered with a GP, who decides on all routine non-emergency healthcare needs of his patients. Acute care services are

provided on the basis of referral from the patients' GP. Direct access is available in cases of emergency medical treatment.

Quality Assessment and National Standards

There is a formal quality-assurance programme with defined performance indicators. These are available mainly in the area of access to healthcare facilities, though there are some indicators used to assess aspects of outcome and the quality of care.

Hospital Statistics

No. of Hospitals - 2,194
No. of Beds Available - 353,104

Total Staff (Full-Time Equivalents) - 1,021,245
Medical Practitioners - 61,319


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