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1990 data. Information is reproduced from the Guide to Health Services of the World, published by the International Hospital Federation, ISBN 0 900590 26 2. Price 16.00.

National Population

Birth Rate (per 1000 Population)

Life Expectancy at Birth (Years)

Death Rate (per 1000 population)

Infant Mortality (per 1000 live births)

Health Expenditures
Total expenditure on health services in US$ - 375 m
Amount spent per capita - 16

Sources of Health Expenditure
No figures available

Description of Health Service

Structure and Organisation

The healthcare system in Kenya is administered primarily at the national level. The Ministry of Health has overall responsibility for the delivery of healthcare services. Implementation of healthcare programmes is managed and supervised by Provincial Medical Officers in each province and the Medical Officer of Health at the District level. Most projects are initiated at the district level. Acute care is provided in hospital each of which is organisationally linked to about thirty to forty clinics which provide primary healthcare services. There is considerable emphasis on training and preventive care. There is also a significant non-governmental agency participation on healthcare matters.


The healthcare services in Kenya are financed by government funds.

Access and Types of Service Covered

Access is available to health services regardless of financial or insurance status of the patient.

Quality Assessment and National Standards

There is no quality-assurance programme in Kenya.

Hospital Statistics
No statistics available


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