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NHS Voices
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Citizens Voices
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'Programme In Depth'

'Day One - Wednesday 1st July'

The Building Blocks For the Future

09.00IHSM - Annual General Meeting - Brompton Suite, Earls Court
10.45Conference Opening - Introduction by David Dimbleby
11.00Keeping the Faith
Rt. Hon Frank Dobson MP
11.30A Personal View
Christine Hancock, General Secretary RCN
11.40A Quality Review
Professor Don Berwick, Director of the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, Boston
Don Berwick, a world expert on developing quality health will give his view on what needs to be done to improve patient care.
12.05A Personal View
Karen Caines, Director IHSM
The first in a series of personal views
12.15Into the Next Millennium
Howard Davies, Chairman, The Presidents Committee of The Millennium Debate and of the Financial Services Authority
The Debate of the Age is a nationwide project looking at how demography and other factors will shape our future. Howard Davies, chairs the debate and will give the Conference the latest thinking.
12.35A Personal View
Kamlesh Bahl, Head of Equal Opportunities Commission
12.50Lunch and Fringe Sessions
14.30Future Issues for the NHS - How will you colour the future?
David Dimbleby introduces the results of a six month project that has used the latest consultation techniques to examine what professionals and users value in health services and how that can be sustained in the future.

Dramatic representations of scenarios of the future will be given and David Dimbleby will cross question a panel made up of:

  • John Wyn Owen - Secretary Nuffield Trust and Project Chairman
  • Karen Caines - Director IHSM
  • Stephen Thornton - Chief Executive, NHS Confederation
  • Ged Davies - Head of Scenario Planning, Shell UK
  • Dr Tom Ling, Consultant in Public Sector Change

and have a face-to-face interview with Professor Donald Light, University of Medicine & Dentistry, New Jersey, who has been examining the issues for the NHS in an international context.

16.00-17.30The RCN Management Consortium will be running a series of parallel sessions open to all delegates.
16.45Bars open and networking
17.45A Journey Through The NHS
Roy Lilley, Communicator Extraordinaire
19.30Regional Suppers
Regional suppers will take place in the Earls Court complex and the Paragon and Swallow Hotels which are close by. Suppers are informal so delegates are recommended to stay on at Earls Court, where bars and the exhibition will be open until suppers begin.

'Day Two - Thursday 2nd July'

Providing For The Future

08.30NHS Confederation AGM - Brompton Suite, Earls Court
09.10Conference Starts - Introduction by David Dimbleby
09.20Key-note Address
A leading political figure - introduced by Alan Langlands, Chief Executive, NHS Executive
10.00Values and the NHS - Still together after all these years?
Rabbi Julia Neuberger, Chief Executive, The Kings Fund
Julia Neuberger will examine the important role values and ethics have always played in the health service and what might challenge them in the future.
10.30A Personal View
Dr Sandy Macara, Chairman, British Medical Association
10.40Coffee and Exhibition time
11.40Satellite Events and Focus Groups
13.10Lunch and Fringe Sessions
15.15Afternoon Sessions - Introduction by David Dimbleby
15.20Costs, Benefits and Challenges
Dr Uwe Reinhardt, Professor of Health Economics, University of Princeton
Uwe Reinhardt is a leading health economist and commentator, he will look at the age old challenge of balancing costs and benefits and give his view on how the NHS measures up internationally.
15.50Sheila McKechnie - A Personal View
Director The Consumers Association
16.00A Healthy Future - A World View
Dr N C Zuma, Minister of Health, South Africa
Dr Zuma has steered South African health services through immense change. Trained in the NHS she will look at how she sees the challenge of providing health care to the whole population.
16.20Tea and Exhibition time
17.30The Hospital Heroes Awards presented by David Dimbleby
The unsung heroes, men and women of the hospital and healthcare sector will discover which hero or heroine delegates have chosen to take this award. Sponsored by Norwich Union Healthcare.
17.55A Focus on Care - Professor Anthony Clare
Anthony Clare, radio and TV's resident psychiatrist will look at how health services must focus on the needs of the individual, both in mind and body.
20.00Social Events - Gala Dinner - Royal Lancaster Hotel
Definitely not the Gala Dinner - Forum Hotel

'Day Three - Friday 3rd July '

Moving Forward

09.15Walk-in to Auditorium
09.30Day Three - Introduction by David Dimbleby
09.35The Challenge Ahead
Alan Langlands, Chief Executive, NHS Executive
Followed by the presentation of the Golden Helix Quality Awards
Alan Langlands will set his own challenges for the NHS as it moves forward into the next millennium.
10.05A Cross Channel Perspective
Gérard Larcher, Vice President of the French Senate & President of FHF
Gérard Larcher, the newly appointed President of the French Hospitals Federation will give a cross channel perspective of health services and look at how the people of Europe might work more closely together.
10.15A Personal View
Professor Per-Gunnar Svensson, Director General International Hospital Federation
10.25The Future Partnership
Heather Rabbatts, Chief Executive, Lambeth Council
Heather Rabbatts looks at the essential partnership for the future between health and local government - how can we make it work better?
10.35Coffee and Exhibition time
11.40Introduction by David Dimbleby
11.45Managing into the Millennium
Peter Homa, Incoming President IHSM
Peter Homa, newly appointed waiting lists buster and Incoming President, IHSM will look at the challenge of managing into the next millennium and delivering the priorities.
12.15Medicine Of The Future
Professor John Burn, Dept of Human Genetics, University of Newcastle
John Burn will look at the changes medical developments will bring and what this might mean for the health service.
12.25A Final View
Stephen Thornton, Chief Executive, The NHS Confederation
12.35Results on the Future Issues of the NHS
David Dimbleby concludes the Conference by reporting back on what you the delegates have said about the Future Issues work and examines the priorities for the years ahead.
12.50Close of Event

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