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NHS Voices
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An International Voice

'Be a part of the debate on the future of the NHS'

The 50th Anniversary if the NHS is rapidly approaching. This is your chance to focus on the issues that really matter. A unique conference for a unique time - celebrating 50 years of the NHS but focusing on forward thinking to prepare for the future. It is an inclusive event ideal for health professionals, decision-makers, local government, patient groups and everyone involved in the NHS.

'How to have your say'

Join in the Future Issues project

Led by David Dimbleby, we will debate the initial findings of the most ambitious interactive project on the future of the NHS.

  • Hear the outcome of deliberative groups of patients and carers and the biggest public questionnaire exercise ever mounted
  • Explore scenarios of health and society in 2020
  • Test the views of Professor Donald Light from the USA on the NHS past and present

You will be challenged to reconcile public aspirations with the scenarios and answer the key question for everyone:

"How can we provide effective and equitable health services in the face of wider social, economic and technological changes?"

Listen to keynote speakers

A chance to question new thinking on health from a wide range of perspectives: from Frank Dobson, Secretary of State for Health to Howard Davies, Chairman of the Financial Services Authority; Dr Sandy Macara of the BMA to Sheila McKechnie of the Consumers Association.

Address issues at satellites

Come and explore critical questions, for example:

  • How do we get our act together on Primary Care Groups?
  • How do we develop partnerships and tackle health inequalities?
  • How do we involve the public and improve communications?
  • What does devolution mean for the NHS?
  • How do we build a workforce for the future?

These debates will be chaired by media pundits, such as Sue MacGregor (Radio 4) and Trevor Phillips (ITN) and led by a panel of experts.

Focus on fringes

Take your choice from PFI to carers, clinical governance to tackling professional subcultures.

Network at the exhibition

You will have the opportunity to mix with the entire NHS family and its partners. It is truly a conference for all.

How to Book

Please contact the conference office on 0121 414 1536 or fax 0121 472 7783 for a booking form.

The NHS 50th Anniversary Conference Office, c/o The NHS Confederation, Birmingham Research Park, Vincent Drive, Birmingham B15 2SQ.

Delegate rates from 75 for one day and 150 for three day.

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