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professor kgmm alberti: president, royal college of physicians of london
councillor bernard atha obe (chairman, cultural services committee, leeds city council)
rodney bickerstaffe general secretary of unison
tony blair, prime minister
eli lilly
seymour fortescue chief executive health education authority
glaxo wellcome
toby harris (director, association of community health councils in england and wales)
elizabeth jenkins: assistant general secretary, royal college of nursing
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dr sandy macara (chairman, british medical association council)
clive parr, chief executive, national association of fundholding practices
chairman: professor michael schofield (chairman of dorset community nhs trust)
roy taylor (president, association of directors of social services)
terry hunt (chief executive, nhs supplies)
jean trainor:deputy chief executive, the nhs confederation
alan langlands chief executive, nhs executive

'glaxo wellcome'

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Glaxo Wellcome is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and the major single supplier of medicines to the NHS. As a global research-based group, we are dedicated to fighting disease by bringing innovative medicines and services to patients throughout the world and the healthcare providers who serve them.

Our continuing success is based upon working in partnership with healthcare professionals, listening to patients, and anticipating and responding to changes in the healthcare environment.

We believe that prevention and treatment of disease is about much more than providing effective medicines. That is why we take an active role in developing initiatives aimed at improving patients' health, such as the provision of comprehensive information packs for patients', and specialist support services for NHS managers, doctors, nurses and pharmacists. This includes providing health economics and health management information, and giving guidance on medical audit and healthcare priorities.

These broad services aim to provide a framework within which the NHS can work to achieve its mission - 'to improve the nations' health and to secure provision of high quality care for those who need it'.

Attention to the views, needs and experience of the people who prescribe and take Glaxo Wellcome medicines, combined with the quality of the company's innovative products, is the key our future success.


Eli Lilly


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