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Honley surgery is the daytime home of five GPs in a small district south of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. With more than 35,000 consultations a year, this surgery is a typical example of the busy environment doctors in the community are working in the NHS's 50th year.

Fifty years ago, Honley GP services were provided in surgery rooms at each of the three doctor's houses in the village but just short of 30 years ago the surgery was built on the site of the pharmacist's old herb garden. Since that time, Honley surgery h as been extended twice, most recently last year.

And just as the surgery is a typical example of the doctor's environment, so it is with the range of other community based staff who work at and liaise with the surgery. Two practice nurses, community district nurses, health visitors, midwives, community psychiatric nurses, a chiropodist, physiotherapist, clinical psychologist, speech therapist, dietitian, and social worker also share the same building on a regular basis.

And it doesn't end there because a busy surgery like Honley needs a practice manager, fundholding manager, two medical secretaries, eight receptionists, two data inputters and two filing staff.

You might think that's a lot of staff, but Honley is a hub of activity and needs this many people to ensure patients receive the very best treatment and care. And like the rest of the NHS, it is moving over to electronically held records - messages no w pass between clinicians by email and an intranet service provides information for all staff.

And thanks to one of the doctors who works at the surgery, Dr John Lord, and his web skills, you can even log on to the surgery's own website to learn more.

As people live longer thanks to advances in medicine and technology, GP surgeries can now provide more and more services for patients. With five consultation rooms, four examination rooms, two nurse treatment rooms, an operating theatre, a podiatry and p hysiotherapy room, three multi-purpose rooms, a reception area, and waiting room you can probably guess how busy it is. Our webcam is sited in the reception area.


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