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'Your NHS :A Force For Health'

'Education pack'

The NHS 50th Anniversary Education Pack fills a gap in educational resources for health services and the National Curriculum. It deals with how the Health Service works, how resources are distributed, how difficult decisions are made and how an individual can contribute to its development.

The Pack is primarily targeted at year 10 (14-16-year-olds), although it will be of use to may other groups with an interest in how the Health Service works. The pack has been designed to be as flexible as possible and can be used in a number of curriculum areas including History, Science, Geography and Physical Education. There are also opportunities to practice key skills in communication, numeracy, working with others, problem solving, improving learning performance and information technology. The resource material will be of particular value in delivering cross curriculum themes such as Citizenship, Personal and Social Education, Economic Awareness and Careers. Relevant areas are indicated with symbols throughout the text.

The Pack contains a 40 minute video, three student booklets and a set of teacher's notes.

Video :The Health Zone
The video programme, presented by Brenda Emmanus, has been produced to hold the attention of young people. It can be viewed in four roughly ten minute modules, Introduction and History, The Works, Cheques and Checks and Your Part to Play, each of which can form the basis of further work.

The Booklets : The Works
The work in this booklet is intended to show the range of services provided through the NHS and also takes account of other factors that contribute to the nation's health. Activities include answering comprehension questions, a true/false quiz, working on a time line, comparing photographs of surgery, writing stories about forms of treatment and describing job roles.

Cheques and Checks
This booklet explores the economics of health care provision and highlights the difficult decisions that have to be taken. Students can take part in role play exercises to gain experience of weighing one factor against another. Other exercises include calculations on distribution of resources, comparing the costs of treatments, comparing performance and exploring funding mechanisms.

Your Part to Play
As a result of using this booklet students should become aware that health care is a partnership between themselves and the professionals, both when under their care and in keeping healthy. It also explores the role of others in the Service such as the Community Health Councils. Exercises include risk assessment, measuring fitness, looking at lifestyles and role playing a consultation.

This pack also provides a short bibliography and contact points for other information.

A leaflet has already been distributed to schools and colleges throughout England and the pack will be available immediately after its launch on 20 January 1998. The number of copies is limited and will be available on a first come first served basis and the pack will be free to schools, colleges and to NHS organisations.

For further information contact: George Forster, NHS 50. Tel: 0113 254 5659

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