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As the National Health Service gets ready to go live with a fully integrated internal information network, the rest of the world is getting its own chance to link in to the NHS.

The NHS 50 website, to be launched in London on 5 February 1998, fuses the past, present and future of the service, giving the public a chance to learn more about the history of healthcare in the UK and join in the year's events.

Set to become the UK's leading health site, its lively content focuses on the months ahead leading up to NHS Day on July 5 1998. 'Surfers' will also be able to discover more about the past 50 years and what the next 50 might bring. The site, with special channels for the media, schools and health service professionals, will be THE place to keep abreast of news and events on marking fifty years of the Europe's largest health organisation.

The site is interactive, including questions on health and the health service being answered on line, and will be regularly updated, offering a direct link to the NHS to learn how the health service has developed and discover how technology will shape the future of healthcare.

A valuable source for the media, the site will offer all press releases, useful contacts, potential news stories and resource material on line.

The NHS 50 website is sponsored by BT Health, and produced by Brann Interactive.

For further information contact Helen Stevens, NHS 50. Tel: 01937 548000.

sponsored by BT
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