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'NHS 50 Partnership Awards'

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A series of regional awards to NHS organisations will support some of the most innovative local projects planned for 1998.

The 50th Anniversary offers the NHS and its partners in health care unique opportunities to:

  • promote better health;

  • improve understanding of modern healthcare;

  • and to look to the future, engaging new audiences in discussion about the next 50 years of healthcare.

The Partnership Awards, sponsored by Glaxo Wellcome, will help realise these ambitions as well as offering solid support to local programmes of activity which further the core aims of the National Health Service.

The grants will be available to any NHS organisation. These can be individual organisations within the NHS, but will more usually be a consortium of local NHS bodies working together to use the anniversary for a positive purpose.

Bids for grants will be assessed by regional NHS 50 co-ordinating groups. These are voluntary groups of NHS staff working together to plan and oversee anniversary activity in their area. Each group will then make a recommendation to Glaxo Wellcome nationally about the project in their area which should attract support.

Initiatives most likely to gain support are those which, in the opinion of the relevant NHS 50 co-ordinating group, best address the health needs of local communities most imaginatively and practically.

These awards will get projects off the ground which, without extra financial support, would not otherwise go ahead and they will boost existing schemes by extending their reach and effectiveness.

The closing date for bids will be 13 March 1998.

Contact: Jane Henderson, NHS Executive. Tel: 0113 254 6208
Simon Goldrick, Glaxo Wellcome. Tel: 0181 990 2608

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