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'Science Week 1998 (SET 98)'

British Association logo

Beginning on Friday 13 March 1998 the aim of Science Week is to:

  • encourage young people to study science, engineering and technology beyond the age of 16, and ultimately to pursue careers in these areas;

  • help everyone :including decision-makers, investors, parents and the general public:

  • gain an appreciation of the what science and technology can and cannot achieve, together with a feeling for how scientists go about their work and reach their conclusions.

The NHS's involvement in Science Week will:

  • Demonstrate the contribution of science and technology in practical terms through local events for the public at hospitals, community units, health centres and health authorities;

  • Show how achievements in research and development have promoted better health in the past and how they are keeping NHS at the leading edge of scientific and technological developments in order to meet changing needs.

In collaboration with the British Association for the Advancement of Science, events include:

  • A public lecture on 50 years of the NHS is to be given by Sir Kenneth Calman at the University of Newcastle on 20 March;

  • The first of a series of six lectures sponsored by Zeneca, looking at influences on modern health services, will be held in London during Set 98.

  • Locally, the NHS is organising events to demonstrate the contribution made by science and technology to health services and the role of research and development in the NHS.

For further information contact:
Maria Roy
British Association
Tel: 0171 973 3074

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