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'Manager, NHS'

'What do they do?' Managers in the NHS contribute to planning the quality and quantity of future patient care.

'Educational and age requirements' Applicants must on starting training have graduated from a university, or have obtained an equivalent degree or diploma or obtained a professional qualification with a demonstrated level of academic content that is health or management related.

'Training and qualifications' The NHS Management Training Scheme lasts approximately 22 months and involves working attachments with real responsibility. Academic study undertaken throughout the course leads to a nationally recognised management qualification.

'Further information' NHS Management Training Scheme, Quarry House, Quarry Hill, Leeds LS2 7UE.

'Financial Manager'

'What do they do?' Financial managers analyse the allocation of resources; identify the real costs of services and contribute to planning the quality and quantity of future patient care.

'Educational and age requirements' Applicants must hold a good honours degree in any discipline. Applications from staff already employed within the NHS are welcome.

'Training and qualifications' The formal graduate-entry Financial Management Training Scheme lasts for just over three years. Appropriate and planned practical experience within the finance function is accompanied by study for a professional accountancy qualification.

'Further information' Financial Development Unit, NHS Executive, Quarry House, Leeds LS2 7UE.

'Management Support Services'

'What do they do?' Management support services such as finance, personnel, supplies and planning are vital to the general management of the health service.

'Educational and age requirements' Entry at GCE A level, degree level, or with suitable professional qualifications.

'Training and qualifications' Two to three years of training for professional qualifications during employment.

'Further information' Personnel officer of local general hospital/Trust.

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