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'Medical Technical Officers'

Medical technicians are the friendly faces of high technology, directly linking the patient and the machine. The tests performed on patients assist medical staff to diagnose and treat disease, and then to access the results of their treatment.

'Cardiological Technician'

'What do they do?' Cardiological technicians perform a range of investigations and treatments on patients with cardiac disease.

'Educational and age requirements' Local requirements for entry to courses leading to a BTEC certificate.

'Training and qualifications' In-service training of at least two years during which time the BTEC certificate in Medical Physics and Physiological Measurement is obtained.

'Further information' The Society of Cardiological Technicians, Cardiac Department, The General Infirmary, Leeds LS1 3EX.

Local general hospital/Trust personnel departments can provide additional information.

'Medical Photographer'

'What do they do?' Medical photographers may be employed in patient diagnosis and record keeping by the health service and for medical training purposes.

'Educational and age requirements' None specified; may vary with each employer.

'Training and qualification' Basic medical photography examination (entrants must have been in full-time employment for twelve months) of British Institute of Professional Photography, or City and Guilds, or other qualification approved by Department of Health, or six years full-time experience.

'Further information' Personnel officer of local hospital/Trust, local health authority or British Institute of Professional Photography, 2 Amwell End, Ware, Hertfordshire SG12 9HN, or Institute of Medical Illustrators, 48 Onslow Gardens, London SW7 3AH.

'Medical Physics Technician'

'What do they do?' Medical physics technicians are involved in the operation and maintenance of high- tech equipment such as scanner bodies.

'Educational and age requirements' Local requirements for entry to courses leading to BTEC Certificate in Medical Physics and Physiological Measurement or other appropriate subjects.

'Training and qualifications' In-service training provided.

'Further information' Hospitals with physics departments or The Secretary, Association of Medical Technologists, Medical Physics Department, Freeman Hospital, Freeman Road, High Heaton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE7 7DN.

'Operating Department Assistant'

'What do they do?' Operating department assistants are part of the operating theatre team. They assist surgeons and anaesthetists in carrying out intricate and complex procedures.

'Educational and age requirements' None specified.

'Training and qualifications' Two-year course leading to a National Vocational Qualification.

'Further information' British Association of Operating Department Assistants, Guardian House, 92/94 Foxberry Road, London SE4 2SH.

'Pathology Technician'

'What do they do?' Pathology technicians assist pathologists in post-mortem rooms, take tissue samples and maintain equipment. They also keep legally required mortuary records.

'Educational and age requirements' No specific requirements, though evidence of aptitude in science is helpful.

'Training and qualifications' In-service training leading to Certificate in Pathology Technology and further qualifications.

'Further information' Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene, 28 Portland Place, London W1N 4DE. Local hospital/Trust personnel departments can provide information about local opportunities.


'What do they do?' Perfusionists operate life-support equipment pumping blood in cardiac surgery and other areas.

'Educational and age requirements' Minimum of four GCSEs at grade C or above, but additional education mandatory.

'Training and qualifications' Two years in-service training leading to a BTEC certificate in Medical Physics and Physiological Medicine and accreditation by the Society of Perfusionists.

'Further information' Hon. Secretary, Society of Perfusionists, London Bridge Hospital, 27 Tooley Street, London SE1 2PR.

Local hospital/Trust personnel departments can provide information about local opportunities.

'Pharmacy Technician'

'What do they do?' Pharmacy technicians prepare and deliver drugs, store incoming drugs and make up sterile preparations.

'Educational and age requirements' Normally four GCSE subjects or equivalent, at least one of which should be a science, preferably chemistry.

'Training and qualifications' Two to three years in-service training leading to the Certificate in Pharmaceutical Sciences of the BTEC or SCOTVEC or equivalent.

'Further information' Pharmacy department of local hospital/Trust.

'Physiological Measurement Technician'

'What do they do?' Physiological measurement technicians use a variety of techniques to support doctors in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients.

'Educational and age requirements' Educational requirements of the employing authorities and training institutions vary; but generally four GCSEs in specified subjects or equivalent.

'Training and qualifications' Two-year course of in-service during which time a student completes a BTEC Certificate in Medical Physics and Physiological Measurement.

'Further information' Audiology: The Chairman, British Association of Audiology Technicians, Auidiology Department, Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Royal Hospital, Calow, Chesterfield S44 5BL.

Neurophysiology: Hon. Secretary, Electro-physiological Technicians Association, Neurophysiology Department, Selly Oak Hospital, Raddelbarn Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6JD.

Respiratory physiology: Hon. Secretary, Association of Respiratory Technicians and Physiologists, Cardio-Thoracic Measurement Department, Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, London Road, Derby DE1 2QY.

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